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CICHAZ is a non-profit in the United States (CICHAZ USA) and Mexico (CICHAZ, A.C.) and relies on public funding or donations to implement its mission of Bringing Science and Service Together. If you would like to support a particular activity, or the field station more generally, you can make a tax-deductible donation via the PayPal link below (and please consider adding 5% to your donation to cover money transfer fees) or you can mail a check to CICHAZ USA (email us at for instructions). Any amount is greatly appreciated!!


Activities (current and envisioned) that need additional funding:


  1. Supporting Postdoctoral CICHAZ Fellows
  2. Additional Days of Science where we could offer films, poster challenges, workshops, activities, and more!
  3. Guided hikes are annually offered to the community - we would love to be able to host invited scientists to help guide the hikes but that needs funding!
  4. STEM Summer Camps for local children
  5. After School Programming 
  6. Property Maintenance


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La mejor manera de contactarnos es por correo electrónico  //

The best way to reach us is  Email 



16 de Septiembre, 392

Barrio Aguazarca

Calnali, Hidalgo México 43240

Noticias/ News

¡Nos estamos preparando para las Día Internacional de la Ciencia y el Desarrollo Sustentable 2024!

¡Avísanos con anticipación si quieres unirte a nuestro equipo!

We are getting ready for the International Days of Science and Sustainability 2024! 

Let us know early if you want to join us!

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